The Problem:

Sprawl development is destroying prime farmland at an alarming rate in the Greater Golden Horseshoe region. This inefficient growth model drives car dependency, damaging our health and our shared climate. It’s expensive for municipalities to provide infrastructure, such as water pipes, to far-flung subdivisions, leading to extra burdens on taxpayers and diminished funds for needed services like public transit.

The Solution:

Smart (compact) growth is better for the climate, our health and our pocket books. It helps revitalize main streets and makes investment in transit feasible. Smart growth also helps protect farmland, forests and natural areas. Smart growth creates mixed-use walkable, environmentally-friendly communities, which studies show people prefer to live and work in.

The review of Ontario’s award winning Growth Plan is an opportunity to encourage the province and municipalities to build more sustainable communities. It’s time for Ontario to stand up to developers who want to build more sprawl by paving over prodcutive farmland. Sign our petition.

Take Action:

1. Sign our petition

Sign this petition telling Ontario to turn down requests from developers who want to take land out of the Greenbelt to build more sprawl on productive farmland.

Take Action!

2. Fix The Ontario Municipal Board

Sign this petition to tell Ontario to fix the OMB to protect forests and wetlands from development, ensure citizen voices are heard and uphold community plans for livable neighbourhoods.

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3. Share these infographics on the benefits of smart growth.



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