• Energy East oil pipeline cancelled
  • New rules for water bottlers in Ontario
  • Pan-Canadian framework on climate change finalized
  • Atrazine herbicide placed under federal review
  • Federal promise to revise our toxics law
  • 10,000 acres added to the Greenbelt
  • New Blue Flag beaches and marinas
  • Rouge National Park established
  • Ontario Municipal Board replaced and decision making power returned to communities
  • Expert panel recommended a new law allowing charities to freely participate in public policy

Our 2018 Wish List

  • Engage thousands to take climate action
  • A deposit return program for plastic bottles in Ontario
  • Stop methane leaks from oil and gas pipes and wells
  • Reform Canada’s toxic chemical law
  • Stop Highway 413
  • Expand Greenbelt boundaries
  • A new modern law that allows charities to freely participate in public policy

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