Akash Patel

Grade: 12
W.A. Porter Collegiate (Scarborough, ON)

Akash Patel

Let’s face the truth. Sometimes, students get lazy and because of that, they look for the easy way out. “Let me hide my garbage here, let me throw it there.” Other people see this, and have similar thoughts. Soon, you have a whole pile of garbage that prevented had the first person just gotten up and thrown it out. Many people follow the actions of another. They think since one person did something wrong, it’s okay for them to do it. Anywhere you look, you see this littering conundrum. The simplest solution to this is to just do the right thing and throw it in the garbage. All you have to do is walk the 15 feet to the garbage bin; it won’t hurt you. All you have to remember is that it only takes one person to make a change.

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